F3M at HOT DOCS : Prayer for a Lost Mitten (Jean-François Lesage), Under the Same Sun (François Jacob) and The Brother (Jérémie Battaglia)

Les Films du 3 Mars is pleased to announce its participation in the 26th edition of the HOT DOCS Canadian International Documentary FestivalUnder the Same Sun by François Jacob and Prayer for a Lost Mitten by Jean-François Lesage are selected in competition in the Canadian Spectrum program of the festival. Jérémie Battaglia‘s The Brother will also be presented in the Documentary Short Film competition.

Due to the current health crisis, the festival is now exploring the best way to present its selection of films to the general public and will soon make an announcement. For now, only Hot Docs’ Doc Shop registered industry delegates will be able to exceptionally view films online beginning April 30.

UNDER THE SAME SUN by François Jacob

Quebec, Canada. 97 minutes. Original Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian and English version with English subtitles.

Production: Les Films de l’Autre

Despite the 1994 ceasefire, there is still no real peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which continue to fight fiercely over the mountainous Nagorny Karabakh region. More than 25 years after the war, nationalistic passions seem as strong as ever. The litany of resentment and accusations continues to be met with denial in an ongoing dialogue of the deaf. With the restraint that comes with our foreigner’s gaze, Under the Same Sun offers an attentive ear, in search of understanding in these young countries with old wounds.




Under the Same Sun will be presented as a world premiere at HOT DOCS. The film will be released in theatres in 2021.

HOT DOCS 2020:bit.ly/HotDocs2020_UnderTheSameSun 

PRAYER FOR A LOST MITTEN by Jean-François Lesage

Quebec, Canada. 79 minutes. Original French, English and Creole version with English subtitles.

Production:Les Films de l’Autre

The night is falling and Montreal is under the snow. People line up at the lost and found office of the city’s transit company. They all have lost something, which, upon reflection, becomes the symbol of a deeper loss. Prayer for a Lost Mitten is a creative documentary by turns melancholic and festive, yet ever compassionate. A film that helps us get through the winter.


Website: f3m.ca/en/film/priere-pour-une-mitaine-perdue

Facebook: facebook.com/Prierepourunemitaineperdue

Prayer for a Lost Mitten will be presented as a world premiere (available worldwide except North America) at Visions du réel, which will be held exceptionally online this year, then as a North American premiere at HOT DOCS. The film will be released in theatres in 2021

HOT DOCS 2020 :bit.ly/HotDocs2020_PrayerForALostMitten

THE BROTHER by Jérémie Battaglia

Quebec, Canada. 2019. 28 minutes. Original French and Japanese version with English subtitles.

Production : Les Films Extérieur Jour

Suffering from an illness causing paralysis in his body, Kais is awakened every morning by a different member of his family. Stuck in a frozen body, he dreams at night that he is the hero of his favourite manga, along with his brothers, Fehd the bodybuilder and Zaïd the ninja.

Trailer: vimeo.com/371796242

Website: f3m.ca/en/film/the-brother

Facebook: facebook.com/lefrerefilm

HOT DOCS 2020 : bit.ly/HotDocs2020_TheBrother

The Brother was presented for the very first time at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma 2020. It will be presented as an Ontarian premiere at HOT DOCS.

For more information, visit: www.hotdocs.ca

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