Marilyn Monroe Declassified

Directed by Paul Davids, this 96 minute documentary tries to solve the mystery which has been going on for almost 60 years – how did Marilyn Monroe die? Many have attempted this before. This iconic actress’ life has been agonizingly pour over by generations of fans and other interested parties. So you might be wondering what is differerent about this one? Well, the fact that it uses some recently declassified FBI and CIA documents for one. New information has been gleaned from there making the reexamination of her death legit.

Few stars have gotten even more famous after death. Marilyn Monroe is one of them. Many have forwarded hypotheses about her death. Some have said accidental suicide while others have said it was murder. A murder that was covered up. Covered up because it had to do with American politics of the highest order. I mean she was rumoured to have been sleeping with one …or maybe two of the Kennedys. The mystery surrounding her death has never really been cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction, so books are written and films like this one keep being made.

Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36. It is one that is still being debated whether it was an accident, suicide or murder. Here we go from her childhood until becoming one of the biggest stars ever to come out of the Hollywood system. We go through her life as the illegitimate daughter of Gladys Baker on to her young life in orphanages and foster homes to getting married at the age of 16 to James Dougherty.

Her romantic life is of interest in this documentary. Interesting because she was such a sex symbol, but never really seemed to find true love. She then married baseball star Joe Dimaggio then author Arthur Miller. After divorcing Arthur Miller, rumour had it that she had affairs with both John F. Kennedy while he was president and his brother, U.S Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy.

When she died in August of 1962 the coroner ruled it as an accidental suicide. This despite no suicide note and evidence to the contrary. Many have painstakingly put together all the clues and bits concerning her death. Weird bits like the fact that her housekeeper was doing laundry when the police arrived, her personal doctor Dr. Greenson was acting weird, the body looked staged, there was no water near the bed to take the pills, the caps were on the pill bottles, no vomit, and that several of the witnesses lied or changed their stories. At this point much of the evidence has been destroyed or gone missing. Basically everything surrounding her death was a mess.

What we do know now is that Marilyn was being watched by both the FBI and CIA. They have big files on her. Why you ask? These new documents now confirm what was previous denied. It was thought that Bobby Kennedy visited her on the day of her death. An alibi was forwarded that claimed that was impossible as he was not in California that day. Now documents have been released saying that the housekeeper changed her original testimony to say that he was there that day and she lied because people stepped in and told her to do so. It has also come out that there was a delay of between 5 and 6 hours between finding her dead and the police being notified. Some stories have come out saying that JFK told her some secrets about Roswell and she was threatening to reveal them in a press conference, so she had to be stopped. Seen as a security threat. So her phone was being tapped by the government agencies, it seems.

Another possible story that has come out explaining her death is that mafia boss Sam Giancana had her killed and sloppily covered up in order to throw suspicion on Bobby Kennedy, a man who was trying to shut down the mafia.

Loads of stuff to take in here. Some, if you are a big Marilyn fan, you might have already known, but some new stuff as well. Plenty of food for thought.

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