Like a Boss

I am beginning to wonder when Tiffany Haddish sleeps. Or if she even does. I say this because she works so much. So many films and shows. Then she squeezes in some stand up as well. Makes us all feel like we are slacking, really. That being said, I am going to say that the quality is rather uneven. This would be one of those towards the lower end of the scale.

It all kind of reminds me of Will Ferrell for a while. He was doing too much. After a while it all kinda looked and felt the same. Tiffany Haddish has made her way into the same sort of rut. Where she keeps playing the same type of character in similar films. Too bad, because I think the lady is talented.

This is what you would categorize as lazy comedy. Nothing especially original, just totally formulaic. Results in there being no reason to really watch this. Even cameos by the usually fantastic Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge are wasted.

Here she plays a fast and loud talking lady named Mia who is friends with the more reserved Mel (played by Rose Byrne). They get together and decide to open a cosmetics store. The idea is good (as are the products) but the execution is not great. They find themselves in over their heads in debt.

This leaves open a sliver and that is all business mogul Claire Luna (played by Selma Hayek) needs. She comes in and overs them over a million dollars to help them out of their trouble.

Little do the two friends know, but their supposed saviour is actually a devious little so and so. She begins strip mining their company for her own benefit and driving a wedge between the two friends at the same time. It seems like Mia and Mel are not going to just lose control of their business. They are going to end up not even being friends anymore.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • With Coworkers Like These, Who Needs Friends?
  • “Get Some” with Ron and Greg
  • Deleted Scenes

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