Looking for Alaska

Author John Green certainly knows how to write from the viewpoint of young people. His The Fault in Our Stars was also adapted into a successful film starring Ansel Egort and Shailene Woodley as was his novel Paper Towns starring Cara Delevingne. Now his novel Looking for Alaska has become a mini series which aired on Hulu and is now out on DVD.

A good film or series involving young people involves the angst of young love and being on the edge of adulthood. Which has to be depicted in a non-dumbing things down kind of way. John Green has managed to do this time and time again. The eight parts/episodes that make up this mini series are all so well written with fleshed out characters that they must have been a joy for both director and actors alike.

The cast is large and each episode was directed by a different person, including one by actress Clea Duval, yet they all flow into one another with no difference in tone or look.

With a rather simple story and typical for teenage films/series, it still manages to bring plenty new to the table. Miles (played by Charlie Plummer) is the new kid at school. This particular school happens to be a boarding school. There he makes new friends including a young girl named Alaska (played by Kristine Froseth). They become rather close with Miles relying on her for plenty of things like advice about girls. Slowly but surely he discovers that he is actually falling in love with Alaska and in the process of doing so uncovers that he life is not as perfect as he once thought it to be.

What is very rare is that with the adaptation of a novel to the big or small screen, something is usually lost in translation. It is almost an inevitable. Here, that is not the case. Watching it is very close to the same experience as reading it. They have kept this as true as possible to the source material. Praise for that not only should be heaped upon the directors, but also the young cast. They bring to life faithfully all the characters.

Everything starts rather slowly or organically. Then things begin to pick up a few episodes in. Soon it will have you hooked and plenty of raw emotions bubbling to the surface.

Pay special attention to things like the wardrobe, set direction and soundtrack as they are all great.

You can certainly enjoy this without havng read the book as well.

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