Criminal Minds: The Final Season

15 seasons! That is incredible. This CBS series has been on air for 15 seasons. Bringing people dark stories about serial killers and the people who are charged with hunting them down. Despite the dark material they were able to keep an audience coming back week after week for hundreds of shows. Now it is the end. Here you get the final 10 episodes.

The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit works together to capture some of the most dangerous criminals in the entire United States. This kind of work takes special people with unique skill sets. They have to be courageous, highly intelligent, experts on human behaviour, tech savy, and willing to sacrifice a personal life in order to allow others to be safe.

This season they are up against one of their most dangerous and vicious killers yet. He is a master of disguise and seemingly knows how to keep one step ahead of them despite all their experience and expertise. The have dubbed him the Chameleon (played by Michael Mosley). Another race against the clock is on.

Guest appearances by Jane Lynch, Aubrey Plaza, Gail O’Grady, Sharon Lawrence, Rachael Lee Cook, Ben Savage, and C. Thomas Howell.

Special Features:

-Table Read of Final Episode

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