On May 5: MOI M’AIME a hundred personalities and artists to support CAP

MOI M’AIME, cent autoportraits

To support CAP’s mission


LIKE OURSELVES, 1001 self-portraits in a quarantined country

Because art is good for the health

MOI M’AIME, cent autoportaits  –  presented by National Bank

his year, for the 7th edition of its fund-raising event, Le Centre d’Apprentissage Parallèle de Montréal (CAP) has decided to review its formula at lockdown time and proposes a unique virtual experience!

Starting Tuesday, May 5th 2020 at 5:30 pm until Monday, May 18th, 8:30 pm, CAP invites the public, visual-arts lovers, collectors and anyone that has mental health’s cause at heart, to go to the following address:


Address where visitors will be able to discover and buy the self-portraits of a hundred personalities and artists such as world-famous sprinter, Bruny Surin, authors Michel TremblayKim Thuy and David Goudreault ; star-dancer Carol Prieur ; authors-composers-players Daniel Bélanger, François Dompierre and Guy Bélanger ; actors Isabelle Blais, Bénédicte DécaryFrançois PapineauMylène St-SauveurPatrick HivonRémi GouletVirginie FortinMickaël Gouin, and LéaneLabrèche d’Or; caricaturist Serge Chapleau ; photographer Martin Chamberland ; film directors Caroline MonnetLouis BélangerSophie Dupuis and Myriam Verreault ; artists René DerouinMalgosia BajkowskaYoakim BélangerJulie RocheleauWinston McQuadeNicole Laurin and Sylvain Coulombe ; stage director Brigitte Haentjens as well as designer Nadya Toto. This year exceptionally, The CAP also greets two artists from abroad: Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo from Vancouver and Edgar Knobloch from Leipzig, Germany. Page 2 for the complete list of personalities and artists. 

CAP’s spokeswoman all year-round since 2016, Louise Forestier, will also be there as she will unveil her 6th self-portrait. She has been practicing visual arts for many years discreetly and mainly for the creative pleasure it gives her and the maintenance of her good health. She has admitted to going through difficult times, too, and can testify to the mental health benefits of art. She is an ambassador for the promotion of art that does good and as tool for maintaining psychic balance.

Moi m’aime, cent autoportraits is a unique and exclusive benefit event. Created to change the public’s view on mental illness, the self-portraits will be sold as part of an auction that will take place exceptionally online this year, while previous editions took place at the Museum of Fine Arts. All the funds collected within the framework of this auction which will be spread over two weeks, will go to the profit of the CAP so as to pursue its mandate and activities. 

Gallery of self-portraits created in that last 6 editions:


LIKE OURSELVES, 1001 self-portraits in a quarantined country – sponsored by National Bank

In the extraordinary current context in which we are all immersed, CAP has felt the duty to emphasize the importance of art in maintaining a good mental health by launching a large rally, aimed at the public of all ages and horizons. He is invited, in turn, to lend himself to the exercise of the self-portrait in all candor, alone, as a couple or as a family.

To transcend all these emotions that invade us at lockdown time. To creatively live our daily confinement. And to do good, all together, and each. 

To enjoy some of the self-portraits already published on LIKE OURSELVES pages: 


The idea is to build a large mosaic that will gain in size throughout the quarantine.

MOI M’AIME, cent autoportraits – list of personalities and artists who are participating :

Claudia Almansa • Keithy Antoine • Carole Arbic • Pascale Archambault • Mathieu Arsenault • Maude Audet • Malgosia Bajkowska • Manon Barbeau • Daniel Bélanger • Guy Bélanger • Louis Bélanger • Yoakim Bélanger • Martine Bertrand • Aleksander Bielkowski • Denis Binet • Isabelle Blais • Marguerite Bouchard • Pierre-Alexandre Bouchard • Dany Boudreault • Louis Boudreault • Stéphane Breton • Pierre-Luc Brillant • Patrick Cady • Christine Campo et Marie-Pierre Ferland • Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo • Martin Chamberland • Serge Chapleau • Lyne Charlebois • Lucie Chicoine • Suzanne Comtois • Michel Côté • Sylvain Coulombe • Sylvie Dagenais • Dominic Darceuil • Bénédicte Décary • Jean-Sébastien Denis • René Derouin • Robert Desautels • Claude Despins • Johane Despins • François Dompierre • Paul Doucet • Carole Doucet • André Dubois • Sophie Dupuis • Peter Fianu • Sharon Fontaine • Louise Forestier • Virginie Fortin • Christian Fortin • Richard Fréchette • Marc Garneau • Julie Guénette • Guilbo • Mickaël Gouin • Rémi Goulet • David Goudreault • Sylvestre Guidi • Brigitte Haentjens • Patrick Hivon • France Houle • Mara Joly • Edgar Knobloch • Marc Labrèche • Léane Labrèche d’Or • Jean-Pierre Larocque • Louise Latraverse • Nicole Laurin • Marie-Claude Lortie • Fanny Malette • Brigitte Matte • Catherine Mavrikakis • Winston McQuade • Pierre Mignot • Jennifer Miville-Tremblay • Caroline Monnet • Carole Morin • Jean-Marc Nahas • Thi Be Nguyen • ONNO • François Papineau • Daniel Parent • Jacques Pinard • Carol Prieur • Suzanne Richard • Isabelle Robichaud • Julie Rocheleau • Claudine Roy • Élise S. André • Sylvie Santerre • Mylène St-Sauveur • Bruny Surin • Sylvain Tapin • Kim Thuy • Tire le coyote • Nadya Toto • Michel Tremblay • Richard-Max Tremblay • Marie-Eve Trudel • Pol Turgeon • Linda Vachon • Alain Vadeboncœur • Karine Vanasse • Myriam Verreault

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