Vues D’Afriques YOUTH Programming!

he 36the Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival, powered by TV5, is pleased to offer a programme aimed at young audiences: the Youth Film Mornings are presented for 48 hours each film, during the festival

Then, from Sunday, April 26 to Sunday, May 10 on the Vues d’Afrique site, young people will be able to watch from home one or more short animated, drama or documentary films selected according to specific themes: Contes & slam, Développement durable, Citoyenneté & vivre-ensemble, Communication & création. They will also have access to fun workshops and artistic performances that will be posted online at

Here’s this week’s lineup:

April 21-22

Le chant d’Ahmed  [drama] by Foued Mansour, 30 min

Ahmed, a near-retired bath house worker, sees Mike, a teenager adrift, come in. Between these walls, in a place about to disappear, a strange relationship will develop between these two cracked souls.

Enopek [docu-drama] by Khris Burton and Samuel Matteau, 5 min

Enopek is a poetic and artistic epic about the poisoning of an insurrectionary population. At the heart of it: responsibilities, unsaid words and remorse…

April 23-24

28 jours [drama] by Jahana Louisin by 10 minutes

Young Edem has been raising his 11-year-old daughter alone since the sudden death of his wife. Father and daughter find it difficult to find a balance between the two without the presence of their mother/wife; but an event in the little girl’s life will shake up their relationship…

Agapapuro “Petit papier” [drama] by Sesonga Poupoune, 12 min

AGAPAPURO is the story of a parent abandoned by his children who have changed their cultural mentality, they do not care about the living conditions that their parent lives in. He finds himself in peril.

The 36th Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival is reinventing itself and will take place from 17 to 26 April 2020 on the site

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