Life Overtakes Me

As if being a parent wasn’t tough enough then you watch this 40 minute film by directors John Harper and Kristine Samuelson and it gives parents one more thing to worry about.

Oscar nominated in the Best Documentary – Short Subject category, the film Life Overtakes Me covers a medical mystery. We follow three families as violence forces them to leave where they live and reestablish themselves in Sweden for safety. All of the families believe they are leaving their home countries for better lives in Sweden then rethink that when one of their children lapses into a coma-like illness. It is called Resignation Syndrome and is tied to the anxiety felt by the kids due to their lack of status in their new countries. Some of the kids stay “frozen” like this for months and even years. This places even more stress upon the families.

Who knew that this was a thing? Not me! It is frightening. According to this film hundreds of kids in Sweden have been afflicted with it. They need round the clock care and the cause and treatment remain a mystery. All the kids with it are part of refugee families who have fled to Sweden.

You find yourself watching this partially horrified and partially wondering if you are not having the wool pulled over your eyes. It cannot be valid what is happening to these kids. And why only in Sweden? This is another issue which is woven in the ongoing refugee crisis happening in the world today.

Streaming on Netflix.

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