Dalai Lama – Scientist

A religious leader who is a scientist at heart? Sounds like a contradiction, no? Not in the case of the Dalai Lama. Those two seemingly opposing ways of thinking – one based on tenets while the other relies on facts/proof – reside within the Buddhist leader. Dawn Gifford Engle’s film tries to enlight all of us on how this is possible.

Now, I am not a scientist in any way, shape or form. So plenty of what is discussed her totally went over my head. They get into quantum physics for Pete’s sake! But that is not the ultimate point of the film. It is an attempt to get to know the man behind the red robe. Who is the Dalai Lama?

We begin to understand that his interest in science has really coloured his Buddhist philosophy. How he feels that there is a marriage between science and Buddhism.

As a child he had an interest in science. That did not stop when it was discovered that he was the reincarnation (this is what Buddhists believe) of the 13th Buddhist leader.

Gifford Engle allows his Holiness to tell his story about his relationship with science in his own words. How it has been a lifelong pursuit. How the Dalai Lama has engaged in ongoing discussions with big minds in the science world like David Bohm, Carl von Weizsacker and others. He engaged these people and showed his passion for science.

Loads of footage which has not been seen before. Allows us to gain a window into the man like never before. He shares his personal experiences with the viewer.

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