Gravitas Ventures Riveting World War II documentary “Shadows of Freedom” from acclaimed Canadian filmmakers Amos Carlen (“Love…and Other Reasons to Panic”) & Aline Robichaud (“The Seder”)

Riveting new World War II documentary “Shadows of Freedom” from acclaimed Canadian filmmakers Amos Carlen (“Love…and Other Reasons to Panic”) and Aline Robichaud (“The Seder”). “Shadows of Freedom” tells the untold story of the young, naïve, Jewish resistance fighters of Algiers, who helped to change the course of World War II.

This compelling and eye-opening new documentary from Gravitas Ventures available now globally across all VOD/Digital platforms we learn about the little known but pivotal Operation Torch of WWII.

This 1942 Anglo-American invasion of North Africa (Algeria and Morocco), was not only the first joint operation of the U.S. and the U.K., but the first Allied success against the Nazis and, until D-Day, the largest military operation ever undertaken and the first foray of the United States into WWII. History books as we have seen them, rarely mention this incredibly important mission or the brave Jewish resistance fighters of Algiers – their actions changed the tide of the war against such devastating tyranny. We must always learn from history and the actions of good honorable people – hence we could unknowingly re-live it to untold consequence. “Shadows of Freedom” is executive produced by Sarah Taïeb Carlen, directed, written & produced by Amos Carlen and Aline Robichaud, edited by Lee Walker (“Into the Badlands”), with illustration/animation by Joseph Sherman, and music by Amos Carlen.

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Film Synopsis:
Shadows of Freedom
 recounts the untold story of the Jewish & French resistance of 1942 in Algiers, which helped change the course of WWII, yet remains largely forgotten. These 388 resistors – mostly young and inexperienced – almost haplessly ended up supporting the Allies in North Africa. In the process they paved the way for a successful invasion of Algiers by the U.S., but also helped to save the lives of over 500,000 Jews in North Africa, targeted by Hitler’s Final Solution. This was all part of “Operation Torch”, the joint American/U.K. mission that was to be the Allies’ first successful strike against the Nazis. This largely forgotten military operation remains to this day as the longest invasion in the history of conflict.

Operation Torch Synopsis:
Operation Torch was the 1942 Anglo-American invasion of North Africa (Algeria and Morocco). It was the 1st joint operation of the U.S. and the U.K., the 1st Allied success against the Nazis and, until D-Day, the largest military operation ever undertaken. It was a hugely significant turning point in the war – aided greatly by the resistance in Algiers – yet remains largely forgotten. Shadows of Freedom unveils the importance of Operation Torch in the hopes of highlighting this historical moment that stands as a remarkable achievement by America and Great Britain. This powerful alliance made victory a certainty.

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