Cinemania Launches Special Offer on Apple TV

CINEMANIA announces its first collaboration with Apple Canada. An exclusive selection of films shown at the festival is available on Apple TV at a discounted rate of $0.99 (rental) or $4.99 (purchase).Available now, ten French-language feature films carefully selected from the most popular titles of previous editions of the Festival are offered to moviegoers.

EXFILTRÉS by Emmanuel Hamon, which had its North American premiere last year at CINEMANIA, is the “favourite” of this new selection. Inspired by a true story, the story plunges into the heart of Raqqa, the Syrian “capital” of the jihadist organization Islamic State from 2014 to 2017. A geopolitical thriller starring Swann Arlaud(Little Peasant),Finnegan Oldfield (Nocturama,Marvin or the BeautifulEducation)and Charles Berling (BlackRiver, The One You Believe).)

Among the films selected are: RESPIRE by Mélanie Laurent (CINEMANIA 2014), LE GOÛT DES MERVEILLES by Eric Besnard (CINEMANIA 2015, Public Mel Hoppenheim Award), Bettina Oberli’s LE VENT TOURNE (CINEMANIA 2018), Richard Angers’s LE PACTE DES ANGES (CINEMANIA 2017), Sandrine Bonnaire’s J’ENRAGE DE SON ABSENCE (CINEMANIA 2012), LES CONFINS DU MONDE by Guillaume Nicloux (CINEMANIA 2018), PARLEZ-MOI DE VOUS by Pierre Pinaud (CINEMANIA 2012), EN MAI FAIS CE QU’IL TE PLAIT by Christian Carion (CINEMANIA 2016) and CHIEN DE GARDE by Sophie Dupuis.

Also available from Monday on Apple TV (regular price): DONNE-MOI DES AILES by Nicolas Vanier (the closing film and audience award of the 25th edition). 

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