Adele: Homecoming

The British singer/songwriter just celebrated her 32nd birthday. Where has time gone? She came to us as a teenager with her album 19 then as a twenty something with 21 and then finally as a young woman with 25. It has all gone so quickly. Now that she is in the midst of a break from the music industry, it is the perfect time to look back at what has been so far.

A documentary like Adele: Homecoming affords us that opportunity. Director Billy Simpson brings us through the life of Adele, one of the most popular female singers today.

If you are a longtime and dedicated fan of the singer then there is nothing to be found here that you won’t already know. No digging was done. Rather it is basically a resume of what we already know, but it is nice to have it in one 54 minute package. Plus true fans will enjoy every minute of it even if there is nothing new.

We get interview snippets with Adele, some video and parts of live performances to tell the tale. We see a little about how she grew up and became a singer. Then after the release of her first album 19 (each album gets its title from the age she was when she wrote it), how she exploded onto the music scene.

Rather unexpectedly, I’d say. A Brit whose sound is rather a throwback to times of yore. Where what was important were the lyrics and the voice. And oh, that voice she possesses. Such an instrument it allows you to feel exactly what she is singing about.

To watch Adele: Homecoming you can stream it on Plex.

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