OFFTA Unveils Final Wave of Projects Taking Part in its 14th edition from May 22 to 32

Dancing at home

Revisit “Si j’étais un homme” and go behind the scenes of the music video

Discussing posthumanism

Enjoy a choreographed film

May 22-32, 2020

LA SERRE – Living Arts unveils the latest projects of the 14th edition of OFFTA, a festival of live arts, to be held in a reinvented version from 22 to 32 May 2020. Festival-goers will be invited to follow a choreographed score at home, to take part in a collective reflection on posthumanism, to dive behind the scenes of the creation of a music video and choreography, with the aim of reinventing bonds, embracing the unknown and overcoming the distance between us.

The full schedule of the festival will be unveiled on May 18, and will allow festival-goers who have booked a pass at, to build their personalized schedule.With the desire to make this edition affordable to all, a $0 package is offered, as well as solidarity passes at $25 and $50, all offering full access to the programming of the 14th edition of OFFTA.

Posthumanist projections: for open reflection

Dominique Leclerc – Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle


Following the success of the documentary show Post Humains, Dominique Leclerc and Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle propose a platform where citizens from all walks of life are called upon to imagine new possibilities regarding the future of our species, based on the premise that human beings are constantly changing. A panel of philosophers will be convened to question and discuss the proposals of festival-goers.

Si j’étais un homme…

Elle Barbara + Vjosana Shkurti + Alexander Storm

Champion of the underground, Elle Barbara is in front of the camera and shoots a music video for her unreleased version of “Si j’étais un homme” (1980), Diane Tell’s iconic song. In a black box setting evoking the glamorous days of Hollywood’s Golden Age, a virtual session will be created, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the filming, even before the release of the clip. Internet users will then be invited to sing the chorus live.

Fleshy Sailboat

Lara Oundjian

Between performance and score, Lara and Co. offer a multi-dimensional experience, inviting festival-goers to discover a performance in the heart of the public space, at the unexpected turn of an alley. A score will also be transmitted to festival-goers, inviting them to walk in a group, but from a distance, to live a sensory journey and find pleasure in the unexpected.

FKA Family Tree

Jordan Brown

FKA Family Tree is a video adaptation of the work Family Tree, currently in creation. A collage of disjointed and stitched personal anecdotes in different configurations, FKA Family Tree is a set of several branches, tangled or scattered according to conflicting logics and contradictory feelings.

The full schedule of this 14th edition of OFFTA will be available from May 18.


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