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Okay, right off the top the reason to see this film is Pink. Her friendship with Josh Gad’s character is so cute. And gives you hope about male-female friendships.

Directed and co-written by Stuart Blumberg (first film) and originally released in 2012, the film is about a group of recovering sex addicts and how they navigate life.

Reaching the five year mark in his sex addiction recovery has been quite a moutain to climb for Adam (Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are Alright, Date Night) and he could not have done it without the help of his sponsor, Mike (Tim Robbins – Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River). He is doing so well that he becomes a sponsor for Neil (Josh Gad – Frozen, Beauty and the Beast – 2017), a doctor who has gotten fired because of his sex addiction. Neil has not really taking things seriously up until this point.

Things get a little trickier for Adam when he meets Phoebe (Gwenyth Paltrow – Shakespeare in Love, Emma – 1996). They seem perfect together, but Adam is hesitant because he has not been in a relationship since he started treatment for sex addiction. Plus there is the fact that Phoebe has told him she does not date addicts as her last boyfriend was one and it was a disaster.

All is not well with Mike either. He has a problematic relationship with his drug addict son, Danny (Patrick Fugit – Almost Famous, Gone Girl). Danny comes home claiming to be sober and wants to repair his relationship with his parents. His mom, Katie (Joely Richardson – The Patriot, Red Sparrow), seems more open to it, but Mike does not trust him.

Neil finds a kindred spirit and a good friend in hairdresser, Dede (Pink – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Get Him to the Greek). The two sex addicts truly care for one another and help each other on the road to recovery. Each shows the other they can be in a relationship with the opposite sex without sex.

While the film will not blow the barn doors off, it is a decent watch. Decent because all the actors are good in their characters and the characters are interesting/multi-faceted.

Though it is rather predictable for the most part, it does try to do the whole romantic comedy thing a little differently which is commendable. Sex addiction and relationships is not something we often see in film, so this gives Thanks for Sharing a little bit of freshness.

It is tricky with the subject though. Hard to stitch together laughs and drama when they revolve around sex addiction. At times it is almost like plucking low hanging fruit. A complicated attempt at looking at relationships when they come under the big strain of sex addiction.

You can stream the film on Roku.

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