Audiobook Month: Alicia Silverstone & Adrian Grenier narrate new eco fantasy

Celebrities and environmental advocates Alicia Silverstone and Adrian Grenier have teamed up with LA-based novelist Leslie I. Landis to narrate her newly released YA fantasy novel audiobook, CHENDELL: A Natural Warrior.

Two-and-a-half minute audio clip (MP3), where we find the main characters and their guide deep in the Peruvian rainforest as they accidentally encounter a group of dangerous poachers:

While on a research trip to the Peruvian rainforest, Robin Dell and Jamie Chen’s lives (andconsciousness) are changed forever when they drink a shaman’s brew and are transformed intoCHENDELL. Two halves of one person. A dual consciousness–female andmale–in onebody. This new being is streamlined. Eurasian. As CHENDELL, their fight is to save ourenvironment from the people responsible for ecocide and biocide–the willful destruction of theenvironment and the annihilation of living organisms.Finally, Nature has a hero.

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