Point Defiance

Twist upon twist upon twist upon…what the heck is even going on here? Director Justin Foia’s (Doe) film is about two brothers who both have checkered pasts and precarious presents. Interesting that he co-wrote this tale of a disfunctional brother relationship with his own brother. Hopefully this dark film is not based on reality.

While under house arrest, Petter Allen (Derek Phillips – 42) is still able to earn a good living as a stock broker. Isolated in a house in the woods not allowed to leave the property as he is wearing an ankle bracelet due to some undisclosed crime, does not seem like too much of a trial for Peter. He has a routine set up and sticks to it. That all changes when his brother returns.

Younger brother Alex (Josh Crotty – appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) just appears out of thin air one day. You might think that Peter would be happy to see his sibling returned in one piece from his stint in the army, but he really doesn’t seem to be. Peter is suspicious of Alex and seems to resent his presence. He wants Alex to leave. Alex makes it clear he doesn’t plan to go anywhere soon.

As time goes on you begin to understand Peter’s feelings as Alex is an ass. The two are quite different. Peter is calm and an introvert while Alex is loud and brash. The two between to grate on one another. A long held secret between the two sort of surfaces. You begin to realize that it is probably the source of the tension between the two.

It gets even worse after one night where Alex hires a prostitute (Lauren Elaine – Party Monsters) with the aim of getting his uptight brother laid. Peter is not comfortable and Alex’s behaviour gets more and more annoying as he keeps drinking.

Besides being awkward, that night turns into something even more when two police detectives come around to ask about the disappearance of a young woman. The young woman turns out to be the prostitute. Peter lies to them. He begins to believe Alex has killed her. Who has killed who becomes the question.

Sometimes with films the idea is better than the execution. Point Defiance is a film based on an interesting premise and done the right way it could have been cool. While Justin Foia’s film does have some interesting and pseudo film noir/thriller moments, most of it succumbs to the attempt at a stylish thriller on a low budget.

Tension is built up over the last third of the film and you then hope that the ending will make it all worthwhile. Nope. The ending, while rather cool in concept, is so muddled that it ends up to be another disappointment.

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