Revisit Those Superb Segal Centre Live Experiences on Monday Nights with Lisa’s Nightcap

The Segal Centre generally bustles with activity and show-stopping performances throughout their dramatic and musical season each year; but as we all know, a larger-than-life phenomenon has unfortunately – albeit temporarily – interfered with all the theatrical joy and thought-provoking drama the live theatre experience can – and Segal Centre experience does – provide. This hasn’t hampered or quelled in the least the thirst and yearning to share the passion for this timeless and inexorably culturally precious art form on their part; and Artistic & Executive Director Lisa Rubin has stepped up to lead the charge in keeping the buzz going online, fondly recalling some of the Segal’s most beloved productions in the most delightful way possible: with live chats with their casts and production teams. Whether conversing with the cast and writer of the enduring Bad Jews (which has already had two runs at the Centre and one in Toronto), or the venerated Tony Award-nominated actress Tovah Feldshuh (who turned heads and wowed Segal audiences as late Israeli Prime Minister and pioneer Golda Meir in a beloved one-woman show), Lisa’s Nightcap is a great virtual place to stop by on Monday evenings at 9:00 P.M. all the way from now to June 1st on both Facebook and YouTube. You can catch the “reruns” of the live, interactive chats and fun reminiscences and analyses at your convenience as well. You will be treated to raucous reunions of such superlative productions as Small Mouth Sounds, Million Dollar Quartet, and more.

The Segal Centre proclaims that this is just intermission, and more great shows and memorable times are to come. But in the interim, Lisa is keeping the flame burning in her own inimitable and engaging style. Check out the Segal Centre’s Facebook page or type “Lisa’s Nightcap” into the YouTube search engine to climb on-board. Or of course, you can also visit for more general information.


On Monday, May 25 at 9 p.m., Lisa Rubin catches up with the stars and director of one of our most beloved productions for episode 7 of Lisa’s Nightcap on Facebook and YouTube. Co-produced with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Aron Posner’s My Name Is Asher Lev emotionally-charged and thought-provoking production directed by Steven Schipper and starring Ellen David, David Reale, and Alex Poch-Goldin left an indelible mark on our hearts and won three METAs.

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