No More Wings

After being screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, No More Wings by director Abraham Adeyemi won the top prize in the Narrative Short Film section.

It is a ten minute short film which on the surface seems quite a simple one about childhood friends, now adults, meeting at their favourite chicken place to have a meal and talk about their lives. What is actually happening points to bigger things.

In South London two friends meet at their favourite wings and fries place. They are adults now, but have been friends since school days. Life has gone on to be different for the two. One is successful and has a good job while the other does not really have his live together yet.

Their friendship is told over this conversation and a few flashbacks to the same chicken place when they were still in school. Isaac (Ivanno Jeremiah – The Flood), who was always the practical one, has a good job and tells his friend that he has bought a house, but that it is not in the neighbourhood they grew up in. Jude (Parys Jordon – Return of the Don), who has not been too successful, is critical of Isaac’s decision to move away.

The film passes quickly, without seeming rushed, but several big topics are tackled here including community, gentrification, success, failed dreams, and decisions of the past affecting the present.

Several messages are also incorporated into the film. One of the big ones is that despite having talent and potential the two do not guarantee success in life. Jade was good at whatever he did when he was a teenager. Seemed like he had it all going for him. However, that did not translate into a good job or money as an adult. He finds himself stuck in the same lower end socio economic situation he was as a kid. Whereas Isaac, who put effort into what he was doing, ends up with the good job. They both grew up the same way and yet their lives ended up very different.

No CGI. No stunts. No movie trickery at all in involved here. It is just a story. A story involving two men and their lives. Part of the beauty of No More Wings is this simplicity. It is just a story about life and the human condition.

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