The Other Guys

What would you expect from the director of Talladega Nights (Adam McKay) and Will Ferrell? An over-the-top comedy with plenty of silly and/or crash scenes, of course. I thought that the comedy duo of Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg was an interesting one that would either work well or crash and burn. While they are not the greatest thing since Lucy and Dezi, they do provide consistent laughs.

New York City police detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg – The Fighter, Date Night) has fallen far. After mistakenly shooting New York Yankee star player Derek Jeter while on the job he has been demoted to a desk job. Joining him there as his partner is Allen Gamble, a police accountant who has never taken a risk in his life. The two are now mainly performing paper pushing duties for the likes of high profile detectives P.K. Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson – Pulp Fiction, Iron Man 2) and Christopher Danson (Dwayne Johnson – The Scorpion King, Tooth Fairy). While Highsmith and Danson are treated like rock stars Hoitz and Gamble have become “the other guys”.

Gamble and Hoitz do stumble onto what seems to be an innocuous case that turns out to be a biggie. No one wants to work this case, so it is assigned to the two losers. It turns out to be one of the biggest cases in New York. Now it is up to the two bumblers to try and solve the case.

A builder has been erecting buildings without scaffolding permits. Someone must put a stop to it. This less than desirable case has been offloaded to the lowest on the totem pole – Gamble and Hoitz. When they get there they realize that it is not only an issue of a missing permit, but a large scale theft and fraud.

Many comedies today give away all their funny moments in the trailer. That is pretty sad because it means that they only have roughly two minutes of funny. Such is not the case with this film. Surprisingly, because I did go in with low expectations, I found myself laughing pretty much throughout. Including a couple of belly laughs.

Will Ferrell is a funny guy. He will do anything for a laugh. Basically he is playing a character we have seen him do a couple of times before. He is a loser. A square. So square that he doesn’t even to notice how hot his hottie of a wife (Eva Mendes – Hitch, 2 Fast, 2 Furious) is. Wahlberg as Hoitz is just an angry guy. This anger lends much comedic punch to the one liners he spews out. As a result the two play well off each other with their differences and Wahlberg is always making fun of Ferrell about how much of a geek he is. The two have plenty of the needed on screen chemistry in this buddy/cop film.

Filled with funny one liners and legitimately hilarious scenes, The Other Guys does what it sets out to – makes you laugh.

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