Rogue Warfare: The Hunt

Not sure anyone is in the mood for U.S. films dealing with guns and violence at this time, but here we are….

In this second of a planned trilogy of Rogue Warfare films, we are watching soldiers take part in a perilous mission. The elite group’s leader has been aprehended by a known terrorist group. His life is in immediate danger. As such the President of the United States (played by Stephan Lang) orders the team to get into the headquarters of this group and rescue Daniel (played by Will Yun Lee). Leaving no soldier behind they must outwit this nefarious group led by a man dubbed the Supreme Leader (played by Essam Ferris).

Director Mike Gunther has the thankless job of trying to make a purse out of a sow’s ear. This film is a true mess and Gunther tries to sort it out unsuccessfully. Though this is a director’s medium all the blame cannot be heaped upon his shoulders. Mediocre acting. Terribly stilted dialogue. Shaky camera work. The bad guys are dumb, so not really a serious threat. Lack of realism. Even the special effects are weak.

You’ll be thankful for one thing here – that you’re able to fast forward.

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