New original web series BAND LADIES streams on Highball TV 

New comedic series BAND LADIES is available for rental and purchase exclusively on streaming platform Highball TV. This is the first original series that Highball TV has produced for the platform since it launched in 2019. 

The six episode series is about five strong and multi-dimensional women on the cusp of middle age who turn their boring book club into a punk band and teach us that it is never too late to reinvent yourself! Throughout the short series they serve up a ton of laughs and some kickass original music. It stars Kate Fenton, Dana Puddicombe, Lisa Michelle Cornelius, Vicki Kim and Kirsten Rasmussen; and is directed by Molly Flood.

Molly Flood

Kate Fenton
Dana Puddicombe
Lisa Michelle Cornelius
Vicki Kim
Kirsten Rasmussen
Tricia Black
Natasha Negovanlis
Kris Siddiqi

 Five women, sick of their repetitive lives and boring book club, find freedom by forming a punk band. When a video of their first performance makes the news, the heroines are forced to become more badass than they bargained for. The series follows them as they are launched into a music career where they discover true friendship, three chord progression and the inner strength no one thought they had, least of all themselves.

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