The Postcard Killings

While they are honeymooning a young couple is brutally murdered. Their bodies are drained of blood and posed in an unusual way. New York City detective Jacob Kanon (Jeffrey Dean Morgan – from television’s The Walking Dead) is called in to identify the body of his daughter. He and his ex-wife Valerie (Famke Janssen – X-Men: The Last Stand, House on Haunted Hill) are devastated. While Valerie is angry, Jacob switches into cop mode and decides the way to get peace is to solve the murder.

Not long after, he realizes that his daughter and son-in-law were victims of a serial killer. One who is going to continue to kill young couples unless caught. After murders in Paris and Barcelona it seems like the trail has led to Sweden. There he finds himself more and more frustrated with local police, who treat him like a strange outsider. Using his own skills and with some help from one sympathetic inspector (Joachim Krol – Run Lola Run) and an American journalist (Cush Jumbo – from television’s The Good Fight), who has received a postcard from the killer predicting another death, Jacob races against the clock to stop another killing from happening.

Starts off with plenty of atmosphere, some solid acting by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and potential. Then about half way through it is like it becomes too smart for its own good ending up tripping over its own feet and attempt at a twist.

Directed by Danis Tanovic (No Man’s Land, L’Enfer) and based on a novel by James Patterson and Swedish novelist Liza Marklund, The Postcard Killings is a film which involves several writers and it, at times, feels like they were writing this film separately. Meaning that it has a rather choppy feel to it, like one scene does not flow into the next.

Even the choppiness and the fact that they kind of remove all intrigue out of the story like air out of a balloon when they let you know half way through who the killer is, it still could have been salvaged. Then its fate is sealed by a crappy ending.

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