Lenox Hill: Season 1

Because of the pandemic we are presently living through doctors (and all health care workers) are being recognized for the very important and difficult work they do. Boy, is it a tough profession. When many of us think of doctors among the first things that come to our minds is how much money they make, the mistakes they might make and the divas they are. Tough crowd! It is like we expect perfection. A series like Lenox Hill serves to remind us that they are human beings too.

Here we delve into the professional (and occasionally personal) lives of four doctors working at Lenox Hill hospital in New York City. Two men and two women. Two surgeons, an obgyn chief of residents and an ER doctor. They are all in different ways excellent doctors. We see that in most cases science is not perfect. Or to be more precise, that the humans carrying out the science are not perfect. They each have wins and losses. What they all do very well is mourn over and learn from their losses then carry on the work.

We get the human side here. How they feel about patients and their diagnoses or treatments. Why they became doctors. And for not a one was or is it about money. They all love what they do.

Most importantly, due to the unique access we are granted here, we see the human side of the profession. The frustration, tears, stress, joy, and intellect involved. How even the surgeons, to be good at what they do, have to be good with the patients. Even the two here, who are the chief and vice chief of neuro surgery, spend a great amount of time with their patients talking things over with them, explaining and connecting. They see the value in that.

Emotional. There are eight episodes and not a one will leave you unaffected. Either by the doctors themselves or their patients.

You can watch this series on Netflix.

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