Odd Dog

I am most certainly not the best person to review a film like this. Or any film involving animals. My love for animals is so deep that if you were to put an animal in a Tom Cruise film I would probably like it. Such is the power animals have over me!

Biases aside, this is a great short film. Charming in all aspects. Story and animation are just so cute and easy to like. From the black and white drawings until when it explodes into colour in the last minute, all great.

This is the cute story of a young boy who is dying for a dog. He tries to convince his mother to get him one, but she is only interested in cats. The boy is not.

Years later, he is still pining for a dog. So much so that he wears a dog collar around his wrist in hope. One day when he is walking down a street a strange creature approaches him. Strange in that it is a cat which seems to believe it is a dog. The cat is panting like a dog and even carrying a bone.

The boy is not convinced. All he sees is a cat. Despite the cat’s best efforts to get him to play fetch with it and to convince him they can be as fun as a dog. Will it be able to before the boy continues on home?

Apparently this is the story of the director, Keika Lee, and her son. It is only five minutes long, but that is long enough to win your heart over. A tale (tail?) of a being trying to figure out where they belong in the world and a boy learning that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

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