Sometimes Always Never

Alan is a tailor. A tailor who plays a lot of Scrabble. With one of his sons gone, Alan (Bill Nighy – Emma – 2020, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) has spent much of his time looking for him using a rather unique method. Alan plays online Scrabble. He does so because Michael left during a Scrabble game.

This all-encompassing search has led to the deterioration of the relationship between Michael and his other son, Peter (Sam Riley – Maleficent, On the Road). Again Scrabble is going to play a part in this reparation as Alan believes the person he is playing online against is Michael. If so, he feels he could move on and bring his family back together.

Lots of good stuff in this movie. The charm and likability of Nighy. No matter what he is in or what type of character he plays he is a pleasure to watch on the big screen.

The fact that it is quirky in a Wes Anderson kind of way is also a big selling point of Carl Hunter’s (first feature film) film. A different kind of story told in a unique way. Interesting dialogue and cool cinematography. Not a film which will slide into any one slot easily. That is what is enjoyable about it.

It is a film which meanders along. You do have to be a fan of British cinema to really get into it. Slow in pace, long silent sequences and then bursts of witty dialogue. Brits really like to examine the inability to emotionally connect. They mull it over again and again.

Featuring a rather simple story which deals with rather complex human dynamics and emotions. Grief dealt with in an atypical way. Heavy subject matter dealt with stylized way. Good combo.

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