Introducing ARASHI: Best selling album worldwide of 2019, legendary band dominate J-pop scene for over two decades

ARASHI, meaning “force of a storm”, have seen unparalleled success throughout the duration of their two-decade career and are introducing music to the US for the first time.  

Their career spanning 5×20 All the Best!! 1999-2019 compilation was awarded the best selling album worldwide of 2019, surpassing both BTS and Taylor Swift.

The quintet have sold over 41 million records and performed for 14 million people. By their 10th anniversary in 2009, ARASHI had already become one of the best selling Japanese artists of all time. Fast forward 10 years later, and their 20th anniversary tour broke records as the largest scale tour in Japanese history, seeing over 2.3 million attendees across 50 shows in 5 dome venues. 

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