The Debt of Maximillian

Writer/director Saxon Moen (first feature film) has constructed a film which allows us to venture into the world of addiction. The face of addiction here is a white male who is married and living a middle class life. Not your usual addict, but this is not your typical addiction.

Max (Travis Lee Eller – appeared in episodes of Lethal Weapon and Tales of the Frontier) has a wife and a young daughter with another child on the way. Instead of reveling in the life he has built, Max is in the process of drowning. Going under, without people really knowing, due to a gambling problem.

The problem has gotten so bad that he might lose his house and precious few bills are being paid. All this leads to him asking his mother and well off brother Akron (Canyon Heston – All I Ever Wanted, Relapse) for large sums of money. It seems like the $75,000 they give him is not enough, though. Plus he continues placing bets, despite the hesitations of his bookie, Charlie (Wali Habib – appeared in episodes of S.W.A.T. and Bob Hearts of Abishola).

Things go from stressful to dangerous when an increasingly desperate Max gets involved with something illegal with his younger brother Kyle (Mark Valeriano – Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash, No Trespassing) which has the allure of quick money. But once again the only luck he has is of the bad variety

A low budget film, so you cannot really hold it to account for its rather poor production value. But what we can judge it on is the dialogue and acting. Both are, for the most part, below par. Both wooden or unnatural to the eye and ear.

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