Partners: Season 1

Opposites attract. Over and over. Even in a platonic way. This is something that has played out over and over on the big and small screens. From The Odd Couple to Lethal Weapon we have been entertained by the bumping heads of people who are different.

Here we get it in the legal world. One is from a wealthy background and has had everything easy in life…until it isn’t. While the other has had to work for everything he has gotten. The premise is they will begrudgingly work together and then learn to appreciate the other. Maybe even becoming friends.

On the worst days of their lives so far two middle aged lawyers meet. Marcus Johnson (Martin Lawrence – Bad Boys, Big Momma’s House 2) has made a career as a guy who always does the right thing and built his fledgling law practice upon largely doing community work. He is in court on this day because his wife is divorcing him.

Allan Braddock (Kelsey Grammer – from television’s Cheers) comes from a wealthy family and as such has had to work for precious little in his life. Easy street has been where he has resided until after a scandal his father fires him from the family firm.

In other words, Marcus needs an ally and Allan needs a job. Pefect fit? Nope. Marcus does not operate the way the unscrupulous Allan does. Allan is only interested in high profile cases which will bring him a lot of money. Marcus just wants to defend people who need defending.

Each is going to push the other, in a professional and personal way, to look at life from a different perspective.

Harmless fun. That is the name of the game here. Nothing too highbrow. You can turn off most of your brain while watching this and just relax. Just think of it as an opportunity to watch Kelsey Grammer on television again and Martin Lawrence…well, do what he kinda has always done.

You can stream this series on Plex.

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