South Park: The Complete Twenty-Third Season

South Park is now moving into true adulthood. In terms of how long it has been on the air. It is truly impressive that an animated series has lasted over two decades. Really a testament to it never losing touch with its audience and what they want. This collection contains the 300th (!) episode of the show.

As for content, it is as silly, crass and yet at the same time chock full of witty social commentary. Those behind the show has kept their finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not. Both will find their way into South Park episodes. All in funny ways.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Randy are back in full force. They are still elementary kids who have adventures, mishaps and wild and crazy things happen to them in the not so sleepy town in Colorado. Episodes this season explore such issues as the consequences of immigration, being banned in China and the wonders of the human biome. As usual the variety is wide and far reaching.

What is different is that almost every episode features a new theme song, so keep your ears open for them.

Special Features:


-Concept Art

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