Evil: Season One

Are you up for some danger and mystery? Interested in the debate between reliance on science versus the belief in the supernatural? If so, then tune into the television series Evil. The CBS series debuted this past fall and deals with all that and more. Did I mention possession?

A skeptic collides with believers. Psychologist Kristen Bouchard (played by Katja Herbers) reluctantly joins up with David Acosta (played by Mike Colter), a man in training to be a priest. Together they are going to investigate some of the claims forwarded to the Catholic Church that seem to have some occult, possession or supernatural leanings. This is a team which involves the seemingly unnatural combination of a cynic and a believer. Obviously, plenty of disagreement ensues.

That being said the two set out to tackle these files with the aim of bringing them to logical conclusions. This is what drawns Kristen in; the belief that they will not be ghost hunting rather that they will be getting to the undisputable truth. Much to her shock what follows are angel sightings, demonic possessions, prophecies and conspiracies. Both Kristen and David begin to believe that the darkness in the world goes even deeper than they might have suspected.

What elevates this series from the average is the writing. That should not be surprising as the duo behind such series as The Good Wife and The Good Fight, Michelle and Robert King, are taking a leap with a very different type of series for them here. But what stands true is the quality of the work. Season one is filled with twists and turns, moments that are truly disturbing, surprises, fun and even satire. You will be creeped out and unsettled, but always entertained. The Kings might be venturing into new territory but they seem to understand the genre. Know that horror can exist in the same realm as humour.

Special Features:

-Deleted/Extended Scenes

-Evil Season One: Genesis

-Does Evil Exist 

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