Remember the days when people would actually be excited to see a Nicolas Cage film? When he was occassionally in the running for an Oscar. Seems like a lifetime ago, no? For the last decade or more he has been mired in B-movie territory. Obviously just making films for the money. It has come to the point where I don’t even expect a film to be good if he is in it. Pretty sad.

This time he has brought Famke Janssen and the vaguely familiar Kevin Durand along for the ride. Directed by another Nick – Nick Powell (Outcast) – who Cage has worked with before. Their previous film was also one to be avoided and while this time out it is a little better, not by much.

All you need to know that the best scenes in the film are those between Cage and a red parrot. They have the most on screen chemistry of any of the actors.

After not being able to work at zoos due to his disregard for authority, Frank Walsh (Nicolas Cage – The Rock, Mom and Dad) has begun to earn his living trapping exotic animals which he then sells to zoos. On his latest trip he has captured a variety of primates, snakes, birds, but the prize is a white jaguar which could fetch him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Needless to say, Frank is anxious to get the animal to whomever will pay him the highest price.

The way he is getting the animals back to the United States from Brazil is on a freighter ship. Much to his surprise he is being joined on the ship by a group of U.S. marshals and a Navy doctor, Dr. Ellen Taylor (Famke Janssen – from television’s How to Get Away With Murder) along with a special guest. He is a deadly political assassin named Richard Loffler (Kevin Durand – X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Legion). They are transporting him to the U.S. for prosecution.

Despite the cage and shackels he is in Loffler manages to escape and starts killing people off one by one. He has also released all the animals, so it is complete chaos. Now it will be a cat and mouse type chase to try and recapture him and for Frank to try and recapture his animals.

A long game of hide and seek coupled with some cheesy dialogue ensues. Even though there is a dangerous man on the loose plus poisonous snakes and a hungry jaguar things never really get too exciting. Some gun fights and hand to hand combat does take place, but even that is not enough to get your heart racing.

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