#Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump

Serial liar. A rapist. A slumlord. A racist. A misogynist. All these are qualities of the man in charge of the most powerful nation on the planet. Let that sink in for a moment. If that does not frighten you then what is contained in this documentary (added to all the previous stuff) certainly will. As long as you are willing to listen and weigh with an open mind.

Directed by Dan Partland (directed episodes of Intervention and Confessions: Animal Hoarding), what is brought forth here is what all of us have suspected. Trained psychologists/psychiatrists have used all the footage of the President of the United States to come up with the diagnosis that he is a malignant narcissist. This is a personality disorder which involves characteristics like absence of conscience, a need for power, grandiosity, highly manipulative, aren’t able to handle criticism, poor sense of self, and a lack of empathy. Sound like anyone we know?

We are told that during previous campaigns or presidencies that mental health professionals were not discouraged from giving their professional opinions about candidates or presidents. That all changed with Donald. From the 2016 campaign forward they were policy bound to not give their professional opinions. But several of them claimed that their oaths are made up of the statement that they have to protect the public from a person they see as dangerous. It is their ethical duty. Enough was enough they could not remain silent any longer. Despite the fact that their professional association has discouraged them speaking up.

So these trained professionals stepped up and voiced what they diagnosed the 45th president to be suffering from. Some might wonder how they could make a diagnosis without ever speaking to the man himself. Well, they used his behaviour. There are hours and hours of it. As one professional states, he actually had more content (video) to look at than he had time with his patients, so he felt more confident with his conclusion than he has had with any other diagnosis he has made.

Not only do they look at the man himself but the elements of a malignant narcissist. Facts and examples of him exhibiting this behaviour are brought forth. How detrimental his instability is is a danger…to the entire U.S. population.

Not only the danger of having a person like this in power, but how it affects the people. The psychology of his followers is also examined. How the way they think has affected the culture and institutions in the United States. His followers make up roughly 40% of the U.S. population. Not a negligible number at all. He has managed to tap into something within the American fabric. Something that has always been there. It is not only in existence in the U.S., but growing all over the world.

While a film like this is rather frightening. It is not something that we didn’t know. Just now it is given a title or official diagnosis. A film which varies between fascinating to frightening. Never dull, however.

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