Labour Pains

Remember the days when Lindsay Lohan was a big star. When any role for an actress of a certain age came about and her name was mentioned in association with it. Times have changed. For a long while. This film, co-written and directed by Lara Shapiro (directed an episode of Royal Pain), is pretty awful and for a long while now it is the only level of production which Miss Lohan can get hired on.

In her dead end job at a publishing firm, Thea Clayhill (Lindsay Lohan – Mean Girls, A Prairie Home Companion) is underused. Still she cannot walk away as she needs it because she is taking care of her younger sister, Emma (Bridgit Mendler – from television’s Wizards of Waverly Place). So she has to put up with a continuous barrage of nonsense from her boss, Jerry Steinwald (Chris Parnell – from television’s American Dad), who is totally obsessed with his dog.

One thing leads to another and people end up thinking Thea is pregnant. She isn’t, but likes the attention she gets and how it has got her ahead at work.

When his dog gets sick Jerry takes a leave and his younger brother Nick (Luke Kirby – from television’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) in charge. Nick sees Thea’s potential giving her much more responsibility. Thea, along with the help of friend Lisa (Chreyl Hines – from television’s Curb Your Enthusiasm), decides to fool people just a little while longer. But, of course, she gets in too deep.

Shot on an obvious small budget and jokes that simply fall flat. While the first can be excused or made up for, but the second….a death toll. For a film like this to be a success it has to really hit the zany mark. If there is nothing to laugh at there really is no reason for a film like this. None at all.

All this is too bad because besides her mental health and addiction issues, Linday Lohan is talented. Hopefully a film comes around which allows her to show that.

You can stream the film on Popcornflix.

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