Mighty Oak

When her brother Vaughn (Levi Dylan – first film) dies in a car crash, Gina’s (Janel Parrish – from television’s Pretty Little Liars) life falls apart. She drinks too much and becomes addicted to gambling. Her brother’s band, Army of Love, which Gina managed, also falls apart without their frontman. All wallow in what could have been. Then something…well, miraculous happens.

Someone, in a young boy’s body, comes into their lives which turns things around and makes them all think that reincarnation might actually be real. Oak Scoggins (Tommy Ragen – first film) is a 10-year-old being raised by his single mom (Alexa PenaVega – Spy Kids, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) seems pretty average at first glance, but acutally he is a music prodigy. He sings and plays a mean guitar.

When Gina sees him she is at first impressed by his talent, but then she begins to think he is actually a reincarnation of her brother. The members of Army of Love, which are back together with their new 10-year-old frontman, especially Gina’s ex Pedro (Carlos PenaVega – from television’s Big Time Rush), think she has finally lost her mind. But things begin to happen which convince even the biggest doubters.

Right off the bat I have to say this is a weird little film. Like strange. And not in a cool Wes Anderson kind of way. More in a scratch your head then shake it kind of way. Which is too bad cause who doesn’t want to enjoy a person who died young being reincarnated film? No one…except film critics. Us heartless types who look beyond a slight warm and fuzzy feeling to judge a film based on story, direction, editing, acting, and a myriad of other little things which make up films.

The entire story is weak. You just cannot believe it. Not that we all cannot suspend belief when it comes to films. For the right reasons though. For strong films which construct the story in the proper way. This one just always seems to be a little off kilter. Obviously aimed at families, but having some weird elements that don’t fit in to that style. An addicted mom who steals her son’s money to travel to Mexico to buy drugs doesn’t exactly scream “hey kids, let’s gather around the television to watch this one.”

Then there is the ending. Sigh. A rush to tie things up in a bow. Several twists which make no sense. In the end the cons seriously outweigh the few slivers of pros.

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