Big city doctor Panos (Prometheus Aleifer – from television’s The Borgias) has decided he needs a change. A big one. So he is moving his practice to a small rural village.

The village people are not exactly welcoming and, as they have never had a doctor live there before, Panos is not exactly deluged with work. So he goes looking for clients. Doing so he has an encounter with a woman named Denae (Anastasia Rafaelia Konidi – Holy Bloom). She leaves an impression on him, so he goes looking for her.

While attempting to treat a weird skin condition she is suffering from he is attacked by an old man. Soon they are involved and Panos is completely under her spell. But it is not a happily ever after type story. Strange things start happening and Panos is in danger.

Part fairy tale part horror story. Unfortunately those two do not add up to a good film. Though it sounds like a deep story with a bunch of complexities there is nothing really to the story. It has plenty of potential with the ability to go several different ways and yet…nothing. It goes nowhere slowly.

Reasons to watch the film is the way it looks and sounds. The two work together to create a rather murky and claustrophobic world. Visually it is an interesting world set largely in a luxurious forest. Not only our eyes are stuck in this world as the story seems to get bogged down in it as well.

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