CALL ME HUMAN by Kim O’Bomsawin – in theatres November 13

A film by Kim O’Bomsawin on the work of poet Joséphine Bacon

In theatres November 13

A feature documentary written and directed by Kim O’Bomsawin, on the work of poet Joséphine Bacon. The film will open in several theatres in Quebec starting November 13. For the occasion, the team unveils the poster designed by artists Nalakwsis and Sébastien Aubin, as well as theofficial trailer.

Call Me Human is selected in several Canadian festivals and will be presented across the country this fall. The film’s World Premiere will take place during the Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec (FCVQ) on Friday, September 18. It will then be screened at Cinéfest Sudbury, the Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF) and theCalgary International Film Festival (CIFF).


“Sauvage” says Joséphine Bacon, “means to be wholly free.” When elders leave us, a link to the past vanishes along with them. Innu writer Joséphine Bacon exemplifies a generation that is bearing witness to a time that will soon have passed away. With charm and diplomacy, she leads a charge against the loss of a language, a culture, and its traditions. On the trail of Papakassik, the master of the caribou, Call Me Human proposes a foray into people’s multimillennial history, in company of a woman of great spirit who has devoted her life to passing on her knowledge and that of her ancestors. In her language, Innu means “human.”

CALL ME HUMAN, written and directed by Kim O’Bomsawin

With the generous participation of Joséphine Bacon

Quebec. 2020. 78 minutes. Innu and French original version with English subtitles.

Cinematography: Hugo Gendron, Michel Valiquette | Editing: Alexandre Lachance | Sound design: Luc Raymond | Mix: Jean-Philippe Gauthier |Sound recording: Lynne Trépanier | Music: Alain Auger | Animation: Meky Ottawa | Line producers: Josée Rock, Florent Vollant, Alexandre Bacon, Ian Boyd, Réginald Vollant (posthumous) | Producer: Andrée-Anne Frenette | Production: Terre Innue | Distribution: Maison 4:3


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