Julie and the Phantoms @ Netflix

Feel good musical. We could all do with a good dose of nice feelings coupled with music. Netflix has something that fits the bill. Especially for those in the age bracket of preteen. For their parents this series will be less annoying than a lot of stuff your young person watches. If they think you are cool enough to watch it with them it won’t be painful.

Her mother’s death hangs like a dark shadow over everything Julie (Madison Reyes – first series) does. Even though she loves music and is a great singer, Julie has stopped doing it since her mom’s death. Being part of the small music program at her high school and not singing anymore has gotten her kicked out.

This distresses her best friend Flynn (Jadah Marie – Ready Player One) and her dad. Both try to get her interested in her passion again. Then the strangest thing happens. Actually three strange things in the form of young male ghosts.

Luke (Charlie Gillespie – appeared in episodes of Degrassi: Next Class and Charmed – 2018), Alex (Owen Joyner – The Veil) and Nick (Sacha Carlson – appeared in episodes in American Housewife) were in a band during the 90s. A band on the verge of breaking through. Just when that is about to happen they all die.

Somehow they have a link to Julie through her mom, so they end up in her mom’s old studio at the back of the family property. The weird thing is that Julie can see them. The even stranger thing is that no one else can. So though, the young guys have Julie not only singing, but writing some kick ass songs. Things seem to be going well until they aren’t.

While there are plenty of cheesy moments within the nine episodes it is still a fun watch. Meaning the cheesiness is part of its charm. On top of that there is a total 90s feeling to all that goes on here even though it takes place today. Totally like a Nickelodeon or Disney series of the turn of the century.

Director Kenny Ortega knows how to make a musical. He is the man behind High School Musical and the Michael Jackson doc This Is It as well as music videos by Gloria Estefan, Selena and The Pointer Sisters. So it is no surprise that the music here is quite good. Not just fillers. The songs are catchy or moving – whatever the scene they are in demands.

Left me wondering if there will be a season two.

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