Dakota’s New Single “So What”

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Dakota, a former American Idol contestant, has released her new single, “So What” featuring Gareth.T. Similar to her previous single, “So What” is a lively pop song with catchy rhythms and hooky chorus that are easy to sing along to.

“So What is not caring about the crazy world we live in and focusing all attention on the person you love. In long distance relationships, people don’t get to see each other that often, so spending as much time with them as possible, even if that means missing your flight, is totally worth it. Taking risks is the fun part of a relationship and makes it even more special.” – Dakota

Dakota is an independent and self-made artist who seeks to encourage listeners to find happiness within themselves. She made her debut with the electro-pop song “No One,” which was then followed by her passionate single “Addicted” her cheerful track “All Dressed Up” and her most recent release “Wanna Know.” This latest single showcases her carefree attitude and professional vocals. “So What” was written by Dakota and Gareth.T and produced by Davin Kingston. 

After revealing her powerhouse vocals on American Idol, Dakota strived to break more barriers in the music industry. Her bubbly pop R&B laced tunes are inspired by today’s biggest stars, but with classic funk and disco twists that set her apart. Her diverse musical range comes from her established tenure as a performer. Since the young age of five, Dakota has always been passionate about music. Through her ambition and determination, she learned to play several different instruments such as guitar, drums, keys, ukulele, bass, timbales, and even achieved and five-octave vocal range.

Dakota’s wide range of expertise has placed her on national stages and late-night show appearances in order to give her a bigger platform to showcase her talent. By being on Conan O’Brien, Russell Brand, and the NAMM Show to Lollapalooza, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, and Gathering Of The Vibes, Dakota continues to embody an advanced performer with a powerful stage presence. Her inspirations include Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Charlie Puth. Her music continues to show her talent and self-made persona, and each single continues to empower and inspire her fans to reach for the stars.

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