New Music Release: Album for Netflix’s #1 Original Series ‘AWAY’ by Will Bates

Back Lot Music has digitally released an album from the Netflix Original Series Away (produced by Universal Television) by composer Will Bates (I OriginsAnother Earth). The sci-fi drama’s score is full of electronic atmospheric soundscapes with an intense emotional undercurrent. Bates takes listeners on a beautifully diverse sonic journey with this 22-track album. “I had an amazing experience scoring Away. Having worked with the showrunners on several projects together before, including The Path and Rise, there was already a shared language and a real mutual sense of trust,” says Will Bates.

“Sharing that explorer’s sense of wonder and aspiration, space itself can be something of an exciting blank canvas for a composer. And the showrunners were always keen to try something a little different. I found myself experimenting with all sorts of unusual instrumentation; from dulcimers, prepared pianos and dusty old parlor organs to modular synths, timpani and manipulated live strings. Identifying the human themes whilst capturing the vast distances of space. And of course, having one of the lead actor’s play pieces I’d written for him was thrilling in its own right,” says Bates. 



01 Lunar Base Alpha

02 The Atlas Crew

03 I Love You Shithead

04 Launch

05 Making My Way Back To You

06 Reaching For Mars

07 How’s The View?

08 Calligraphy

09 Cracking Up

10 Spacewalk

11 Open The Hatch

12 I Just Need My Wife

13 Going Home

14 Anything Is Possible

15 I Need You To Go

16 Etude De Main Droit

17 Ice Harvest

18 Last Words

19 Forgetting

20 Descent

21 Anyone Wanna Go Again?

22 Atlas 

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