Beckman @ TIFF

Just before its release on DVD and VOD, the revenge action thriller Beckman was being offered to film fans at TIFF. Director Gabriel Sabloff (Dancer and the Dame, The Black Road: Revelation Road) and lead actor David A.R. White bring us an adrenaline fueled tale about a former hitman seeking payback via the methods he has made a living doing.

Previously Aaron Beckman (David A.R. White – from television’s Finding Love in Quarantine) made his living as a contract killer. In a 180 he retired from that violent life to become a man of the cloth. Now he is a reverend at a Los Angeles church. Life has fewer bumps in the road for a while.

Then he is pulled back into his former occupation. Not because he chooses to, but a cult leader (William Baldwin – Backdraft 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and his followers kidnap Tabitha (Brighton Sharbino – from television’s The Walking Dead), an orphaned girl from the church Beckman has grown close to. Now he is going to go about getting her back by using his skills from his former job.

A whole new genre for me – Christian action movie. This is obviously a low budget film. So things like special effects and sets are not the greatest. You can generally move past that as long as they are not distractingly bad.

As for the story. Well, it is pretty much par for the course in films like this. Not great. It is kinda like a version of the Liam Neeson Taken film series with some religion, human trafficking and cults thrown into the mix. Most of it does not add up nor is the message all too clear. But who am I kidding, most who watch the film are here for the fights.

The action sequences (other than some of the special effects related to the gun fights) are generally well done with some cool choreography. Just because there is a Christian slant to this does not mean they skimped on the violence. If you are a fan of that, it is here for you.

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