Iconic J-pop band ARASHI debut Bruno Mars produced single “Whenever You Call”



“Personally, I have been a huge fan ever since his mainstream debut, and have attended his live shows multiple times,” Jun says of working with Bruno. “We originally intended to go to Los Angeles and work under his vocal direction in recording, but alas with the current COVID-19 situation that was not to be…Through many discussions and his advice on how best to handle the nuance of the vocals, we were able to finish it anyway. It was a fantastic experience to be able to learn from his unique and incredibly talented singing style.”

Sho remarks, “When we first heard the song, it was in the recording studio and the five of us listened to it together…it felt clearly that this was a song created through really digging deep and getting to know who ARASHI really is…It is a message of love, but one that imparts bravery too.”

“It is a love song that uplifts with the sense of beauty and emotion that only the melody and lyrics of Bruno can impart, straight from the heart,” Aiba says, while Nino describes, “I was surprised. I couldn’t believe that [Bruno] would write this song for us…I was totally moved.” Ohno praises Bruno, “It is an honor that he would produce this song for us…He put so much of what we’re going through now and his own thoughts into the creation of this incredible song.”

“Whenever You Call” follows the release of previous single, “IN THE SUMMER,” produced by Rami (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga), which saw widespread success in both the U.S. and global markets.

ARASHI continue to see extensive critical acclaim as they make their U.S. debut. Beyond the streaming success of “IN THE SUMMER,” the band also participated in their first ever Twitter Q&A, hosted by @TwitterMusic, around the release. The event saw over 4.9M views, 490K likes, 129K retweets, and 45M impressions.

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