In My Blood it Runs

Racism. It has always existed. For time immemorial. Allowed to infiltrate all sectors of society. Functioning behind the scenes and in full view of everyone. No one benefiting from the power or privilege it has granted them is really willing to dismantle it. Until very recently.

It has taken a pandemic of global proportions to make us realize that racism is destroying all of us from inside in. The beginnings of a stand has been taken in an effort to right centuries of wrong.

It is documentaries like this which attempts to open our eyes. To ugly truths. To what we usually turn our heads away from. POV has long been a series which brings us the world and human experience. In all its glory and horror.

This is a story which is probably all too common. An Australian story. A story of how the indigenous people are treated in that country. In many countries.

Even children. The youngest and most vulnerable are even victims of racism. Of the way we have set up this world. The haves and the have nots. It is brutal. Unfair.

Dujuan is a 10-year-old boy living in Australia. He lives in the small slum called Alice Springs. His family has been in the country for generations. He is Aboriginal of the Arrernte/Garrwa tribe.

A child like this is given state education. A system which does not suit his heritage. Many like Dujuan falter in it. It is what the Whites of the country believe he needs.

In director Maya Newell’s film a 10-year-old boy is a complex character. The situation has been made more difficult for him and those like him than it has to be. Due to racism. Those in power have decided that they know best what people like him need. Instead of empowering them to succeed in their way of life. Live in a way which honours their traditions. What they believe in.

Shows that we will never be successful in a two or three or four tiered system. Especially when it comes to education. Should make those of us in Quebec think about all the damage we have done to our indigenous populations via residential schools.

How these schools will cause inner turmoil with those we force our way of learning upon. Dujuan’s schooling just makes him act out. Rebel against it. He is not a bad kid, just being forced to learn in a way which does not mesh with his cultural identity.

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