A first film as director is quite a benchmark in a career. You don’t just roll out of bed, decide you want to make movies, find a script that interests you, capable actors, a budget, and poof a film is made. It takes a lot to even be able to make a film. Each one is an amazing accomplishment irregardless of the scale or quality.

For her directorial debut actress Sergine Dumais has chosen a five minute short called Wichita. The Montreal native who now lives in Los Angeles steps behind the camera to help tell a different sort of tale about infidelity.

Relationships. We are absorbed by stories of them. The beginning and the end equally. Often the latter comes with one or both participating in infidelity. An act of disloyalty which has occupied our minds and hearts. Which then seeped its way into the art produced. A couple is together seemingly in love and then things happen. One or both engage in an act or acts of infidelity. The bond of marriage is broken. Most of the time irreparably.

To make something worth watching you have to bring something new. Something we have not seen before. A comedic yet touching look at a married woman who wakes up in the arms of her lover because her husband (Jeremy Sisto – from television’s Six Feet Under), who is on a business trip, calls. Sara (Maxim Roy – from television’s Heartland) lies to him telling him she is at home. He asks her then to get a phone number he needs on a business card which is in his sock drawer.

Panic. She now has to run home to get that card. While doing this she delays him by asking all sorts of inane questions about the city he is in. Wichita. Did you know that is where Pizza Hut was born? No, well, nevermind.

Finally at the door she realizes she left the key at her lover’s. So she breaks a small window to get in. Once in she cannot believe what she sees.

Part comedy, part thriller. A ridiculous situation. A silly conversation. Followed by intense drama. Expect the unexpected here.

There is a distinctly Quebec aspect to the film. Besides director Dumais, there is the lead actress Roy, cinematographer Serge Desrosiers, and the music is by Jean Leloup.

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