Strong Son

Over a mere three minutes Canadian filmmaker Ian Bawa has conveyed a rather interesting and cute father-son relationship. A son (Mandeep Sodhi) who is totally wrapped up in the way he looks. He works out obsessively. Oddly, his older father tags along with him to the gym. Watches him as he works out. Father (Jagdeep Singh Bawa), who walks with a cane, can no longer work out. Father and son bonding over a mutual love of working out.

Narration by father describes what they do. Why his son works out (“so he can be strong enough to take care of his father”). That he wants his son, who is getting older, to get married, so he can move in with him. Though he loves his son, much of his narration is made up of him criticizing his son’s body, his obsession with working out and the fact that he is not married.

Shot on a Super 8 it’s look is rather grainy, but that kinda suits it. Gives it that personal or intimate feel. Obviously this is a personal story for Ian Bawa. So much so that he even has his real father playing the part of the father.

Issues such as body image and culture are addressed here. Not in a hit you over the head kind of way, but done rather naturally. So much so you might not even realize what Bawa is going for.

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