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I just don’t understand. Why some parts of the population are so invested in armed forces? How they think that the way they train humans to go out and kill others is something that should be looked upon with pride. I just see it as psychological and physical torture. Breaking down humans so that they are shells able to go out to kill without thought. To obey any command without thinking twice. None of this is something that should be applauded. Rather it should be seen as frightening.

Phil Wall brings us a documentary about Goruck Selection where veteran members of the American Special Forces host an endurance event to test others not in the armed forces. They see this as a way to give an insight into the training they do to reach their level and a way to bridge the gap between military and civilians.

The idea is to see just how far the human body can be pushed, physically and mentally. To get through the Goruck Selection you not only have to be supremely physically fit but strong of spirit/mind. It is a 48-hour event which is modeled on the 24-day assessment process which leads to being selected for Special Forces. The Army physical fitness test and elements of basic training are thrown in for good measure.

The Special Forces veterans act as drill sergeants during it. Hurling abuse at the contestants. They push people to quit with some psychological abuse. Try to find someone’s weak point then play upon it. No mercy is shown. The participants use this as a way to check their fitness along with mental strength. Find out what their limits are.

An indication of how tough this is is the fact that less than 2% of participants finish the first 18 parts of the event. Towards the last part of this edition there are only two men left standing.

To be completely honest I had a hard time watching this documentary. I totally cannot relate to anything involved in this. So, it was interesting to see the physical fitness required, I really could not deal with the way the Cadres spoke to and treated the participants.

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