Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story

A film 10 years in the making. A lesson in dedication and what it takes sometimes to get your story. And quite a story it is.

Of late it has really come to the surface that many stand-up comedians are troubled people. Robin Williams. Chris D’Elia. Louis C.K. Michael Richards. Roseanne Barr. The list could go on. Don’t think this is another American problem which we don’t have here in Canada. We have our own entry into the list in the form of Richard Glen Lett.

Most of his problems can be traced to his drug and alcohol problems. While he was at rock bottom this documentary’s director Roy Tighe (Where’s Barry) decided it was the time to tell his story. It seems he had full access. No matter what kind of mess or state Lett was in. His addictions grabbed such a tight hold on him that a once successful stand up career totally dried up. No one would hire him due to his behaviour and as such no money was coming.

The result was that he had to move out of his long term apartment, which was a total wreck being filthy and even writing all over the walls. Time was ticking on when he had to be out. When he had to have the place cleaned up or he would lose his security deposit. Money he desperately needed. Desperate because he has been banned from many a comedy club due to his behaviour.

Now he was living in his car. Finding himself estranged from his only family – his daughter. But he has realized what he has to do; he must get sober.

Addiction and the rocky road to redemption. All laid bare here. In brave fashion. Richard Glen Lett does not come off looking good here for the most part. He seems to try to climb back into life for two reasons – his love for his daughter and comedy.

This is a story, told in pictures and words, we don’t often see. The access granted is rare. His humbleness and intelligence becomes apparent as he tries to climb out of the hole he has dug.

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