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It has always been a question mused upon. One that has kept many a person up at night thinking about. The question is: How well can you ever know another human being? It is a rather frightening thought. The fact that you cannot really know someone. You cannot be bang on with your prediction of their behaviour or what they are capable of. Even people you are really close to like friends, family and even spouse or partner.

This very question is what fuels Colin Minihan’s (Extraterrestrial, It Stains the Sands Red) third feature film. A young lesbian couple decides to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by going to a remote college that belongs to Jackie’s (Hannah Emily Anderson – from television’s The Purge) family. Almost upon arrival Jules (Brittany Allen – Jigsaw) notices a strange difference in her wife’s behaviour. This odd change soon devolves into rather psychotic behaviour which puts Jules’ life in danger.

For the type of film it attempts to be, What Keeps You Alive is rather plodding at times. Definitely does not keep the adrenaline or action going. Too much time and effort is spent on the setup and then when the payoff begins there is no payoff. There are plenty of examples of twists and turns and yet you are not riveted. Had plenty of potential, but deviated into the mind numbing area. Like many bad horror or thriller films most of the decisions taken (especially by Jules) are so stupid it becomes frustrating. Could have gone in many other directions and yet continuously chooses the wrong one.

One of the few pluses was the scenery. The woods, cabin and landscapes really are beautiful or creepy or whatever is required by the story.

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