A Piece of Cake

Dads will do anything for their little girls. Even if it is illegal. I don’t mean illegal with a capital I, but a small one. Small like tiny silver decorative balls that you see on top of birthday cakes.

The sacrifices parents make for their kids…

Dads are often maligned when it comes to child rearing. Somewhat rightly so as sexism and gender roles have led to moms taking care of the kids while dads just have to bring home the bacon. For the most part, even though things have changed a little, this remains the same.

Following along those lines, a dad finds himself in a situation where he feels he has to follow through on what he said he would do. No matter what.

Jim (Rich Sommer – from television’s Mad Men) comes downstairs as his wife Claire (Natalie Britton – appeared in episodes of Fuller House and NCIS: Los Angeles) and daughter Cora (Riona O’Donnell – first film) are finishing up breakfast. It is Cora’s birthday soon and she has one request of her dad. For her birthday cake she wants those little silver decorative balls.

He has to do it because he does not want it to be another “daddy promise”. Another promise he will break. His daughter is used to him promising things and not following through. Jim will not let his daughter down again. At any cost.

Sounds simple, no? Actually it isn’t. At least in California. In that state they are illegal. So Jim is off to some underground place with a bunch of other desperate fathers which sells the silver balls. A black market place for cake decorations.

Simple…no. You might think this is just simply a humourous story about a dad desperate to keep his promise for one to his daughter. Yes, that is a rather universal sentiment. All parents have found themselves driving all over town to get something for their kids. But there is something more at play here. It is also about fatherhood. How the world sees fathers. How fathers see themselves. What being a father means and what we believe it means.

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