image+nation33: Canada’s Original LGBTQ+ Film Festival Goes Online With More choice Than Ever! November 19 – December 6, 2020

image+nation, Canada’s first LGBTQ film festival and pioneering platform of queer stories is going virtual across Quebec for a 33rd edition from November 19th to December 6th, and throughout Canada with its Francophone selection. The festival’s team of cutting-edge cinematic playlist programmers are delighted to offer audiences the next generation now: an unparalleled lineup of new queer stories that defy the conventional LGBTQ narrative, with 30% more films than last year’s I+N 32!

“For the first time in our festival’s history, we are able to bring LGBTQ+ films to all of Québec to be seen, discovered and shared in areas that otherwise would not have access to stories that reflect contemporary local and international LGBTQ+ experiences and lives. As well, we are very pleased to share our francophone programming with ‘francophone hors Québec’ audiences throughout Canada. Representations are powerful. It is important to have images that reflect and represent us on screen (albeit this year different screens!), and with our diverse and authentic programming, we bring these stories to a much wider audience to experience and create a space where all can find themselves,” states Charlie Boudreau, Festival Director.

A personalized experience 
This year, I+N 33 is accessible across all major platforms, with tools giving viewers the chance to curate their own festival experience from the comfort of their home. Film tags intricately tied with major themes, subjects and localities along with a personalized watch list tool, on-demand viewing, and simple navigation ensure rich in-home entertainment experiences.  Your festival, your way!

A revolutionary experience to share
The shift of the festival to the digital space in 2020 also marks the revolution of image+nation in its mission to encourage and nurture LGBTQ+ culture and storytelling to everyone. With the full program available for Quebec and Francophone programs available all across Canada, the film festival now has both the opportunity and responsibility to introduce the originality and universality of these stories and new ways of telling, watching and sharing to a wider audience. Consequently, live-streaming events with chat functions will allow viewers to create watch parties for a shared experience with their family, friends and community.

An inclusive experience
Committed to providing a fulfilling artistic experience that is also representative of all members of the LGBTQ+ community, image+nation makes queer stories a part of everyday life in meaningful and empowering ways through various productions of all ages, all colours, all genders, all sexual orientations and all backgrounds. I+N 33’s online initiative promises its audiences groundbreaking yet relatable new queer stories with several major themes exploring a myriad of slices of life.

Introducing major themes:
the key to personalizing the I+N 33 experience
 Focusing on narratives of growing up and growing older as an LGBTQ+ person, this program shines a light on youth and elder queer stories creating an intergenerational dialogue with films like Kokon (Cocoon) and La nave del olvido (Forgotten Roads).


At the forefront of New Queer Storytelling, I+N is proud to announce this year’s focus on QTBIPOC filmmakers from Canada and elsewhere in the world. These compelling stories aren’t limited by theme, structure or style but what they all have in common is the desire to bring forward perspectives and communities that have long been under-represented in mainstream cinematic narratives. 


Coinciding with the 21st Transgender Day of Remembrance, the titles selected as part of Une Question de Genre represent a wide array of innovative, fresh and boundary-breaking stories exploring themes of identity and gender beyond the coming out and transitioning narratives with films like Brazil’s Alice Júnior. An exciting evolution within the queer cinema canon.

Alice Júnior (2019) by Gil Baroni, part of I+N 33 Une Question de Genre program


I+N 33 returns with Latinx films that span genres and gender identities, offering extraordinary breadth. Featuring evolving communities with LGBTQ+ individuals at the heart of progress, these visually adventurous achievements at the vanguard of cinematic techniques like Vendrá la muerte y tendra tus ojos (Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes) offer much to contemplate and to savour.

Voix émergentes / First Voices

Continuing the focus from last year, this program spotlights bold films from countries and perspectives that see little representation in the queer cinema canon stitching a wonderful tapestry of identities that together make up a rich and diverse spectrum of queer experiences, namely Faraz Shariet’s Futur Drei and Assel Aushakimova’s Welcome to the USA.

Histoire LGBTQ+ / The State of Our Queer World

A roster of international documentaries that mine the past and tell our stories as well as snapshots of the state of our queer world in the present, from countries wherein which living as queer is dangerous and our human rights are contested and continue to be threatened. Featuring works such as A Worm in the HeartSex, Sin & 69 and many more.

Made au Canada

I+N continues celebrating national talent with Made au Canada, featuring films that vividly portray our national queer identity like Shiva Baby and Mixed Up by Canada’s best and brightest LGBTQ filmmakers.

Queerment Québec

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Queerment Quebec, I+N’s shorts programme that highlights the work of local image-makers, emerging and established producers will share their dazzling stories with us; works that speak of and to uniquely Québecois queer cultural perspectives. Our city is a hotbed of queer creativity and QQ celebrates our spectacular homegrown talent.

Additional Content
Alongside the festival’s lineup of the best international and local queer cinema, I+N 33 will also host a series of fun and insightful Q&As with filmmakers from all over the world that will transport festivalgoers through the filming sites and offer a glimpse of the filmmaking process. 

Date Night with I+N: Dinner + a Movie
In support of local businesses during the pandemic, the festival will be teaming up with a number of queer-owned eateries in Montreal and across Quebec for its 33rd edition to offer a Dinner +  Movie experience.


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