To start the 60th (!) season of The Nature of Things was Mark and Caitlin Starowicz’s Rebellion, a documentary about the young generation’s battle against the climate crisis. Actually they are fighting to get the rest of the ages to acknowledge the problem and do something about it.

We have many problems today. Coronavirus. Racism. Inequality. Poverty. War. Terrorism. But the biggest of them all, the one that if we don’t win the battle against it nothing else will matter, is the climate. If we don’t do something and like now, then we will be facing extinction.

Canadian legend David Suzuki, who is the long time host of The Nature of Things, has been trying to warn all who would listen for a long time about the impending climate crisis. For the most part, his pleas and even facts fell on deaf ears. There was always something else for us to worry about. Now it is the younger generation who has taken up the fight.

That is what the Starowicz’s documentary is about. About Greta Thunberg and others around her age who are fighting for the lives of every human and the planet we live on. Trying to stem the tide before it truly is too late.

Around the world, young people in the United States, Canada, India, and England are joining Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and her Friday School Strikes. One of the biggest ones was right here in Montreal. September 2019 500,000 people took to the streets to march for the climate. Justin Trudeau, David Suzuki and Greta Thunberg were amongst those who marched.

From Thunberg we also see how people like Eva Love Pepin, Gail Bradbrook, Sir David Attenborough, Bill McKibben, Bhavreen Kanchari, Sunita Narain, and even Jane Fonda has joined in the fight in their own parts of the world in their own way. We see the beginning of a movement which is trying to change the world and also what its future is. That young people have come to the forefront, driving the bus, and are fighting for our survival.

The Nature of Things aired last night on CBC and is now available on CBC Gem.

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